Revising 2015 Art Resolutions
December 26, 2015

Last year I wrote a post about my New Year's Art Resolutions, basically highlighting the goals I would set for myself for the upcoming year. Now I get to go over them and see where I failed and where I succeeded!

I end up 2015 with 3 "Yeah", 2 "Ish" and 2 "Nope". Better than 7 "Nope", I guess. First, the "Nope". I wasn't able to finish Fragile Volume 2 nor the Springiette Complete Comic Collection. No surprises there, but I am happy that I am still working towards those goals. As for the "Ish", I have started drawing more color illustrations, and posting the process as videos on my YouTube channel! Making videos is really fun, I still struggle a bit with the voice overs, and I want to do a lot more traditional art thanks to them. I have been working on more store stuff, but it's not for a cute accessories store... but it's still cute stuff! I just can't help myself.

And finally! The "YEAH"s! I have been mindful of my need to relax, and I've been experimenting with more art techniques (markers, watercolors, etc) and more (lately I've been into stamping, so many beautiful things to do!)... I have also worked on new projects, I've gotten a lot of positive comments about my colors on Jem & the Holograms, and I have drawn covers for it, as well! In fact, next Wednesday (Dec 30th), Jem issue 10 will be out, with a subscription cover by me! Let me know if you pick it up by sending me a photo to my Twitter or Instagram!

Next week I'll be posting my new Art Resolutions for 2016, have you been thinking of yours?

Happy Holidays!

-Shouri ♥

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Youtube Chibi Friday!
May 05, 2016

I've started a series on my YouTube channel: Chibi Friday! Every Friday I'll be posting a video of my drawing process of a cute chibi character, be it original or fanart. This time, I'm working on the inner senshi!

Check my videos here and don't forget to subscribe! :) I'll be adding more variety of videos in the future.

-Shouri ♥

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Heroes-Con and sketchbook update!
May 03, 2016

Working hard on finishing my Tiny Witches sketchbook! Here's a progress pic of the new, improved artwork, inspired by my Inktober designs.

[Click here for a larger version]

I've also received the Negini hard enamel pins! He is ADORABLE! You can order him separately and receive it now, or you can get it as a bundle with the sketchbook and get a free art print. :)

Lastly (for now), it's official, I'll be at Heroes Con in June! I'll have Fragile books, prints, Jem books and more!

That's it for now! See ya soon!

-Shouri ♥

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Chapter 06 End + SKETCHBOOK!
March 31, 2016

FINALLY! Finally I've managed to finish Chapter 06! I feel like I've won a long battle. A lot of things have happened since I began this chapter (you must all know about them all by now), so the fact I've finally finished it feels GREAT. Onto new things and more regular updates!

I've put together all my Inktober 2015 Tiny Witches, and I'm makign a Sketchbook out of them! You can now pre-order it at my store, both in Standard (Book) and Gold (Book + ENAMEL PIN + ART PRINT!) versions!!! Please check it out! :)

See ya soon with more news!

-Shouri ♥

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